Amazon is doubling down on its TV shows based on best selling books featuring a protagonist called Jack. Based on the books by Lee Child, the Jack Reacher reboot is officially moving forward at Amazon with a straight to series order. Child revealed last year that he was keen to continue the adventures of Jack Reacher as a TV series following two big-screen adaptations.

The two movies starred Tom Cruise as Reacher, a casting decision that wasn't well-received by fans of the books as Reacher is written as a strapping 6ft 5in mountain of a man. Tom Cruise is a talented actor, but even his skills couldn't appease fans who felt his Reacher fell short. Even Lee Child has commented that Cruise “didn’t have that physicality” to bring the character to life accurately. There's no word yet on which actor will be cast as Reacher, but we do know that Nick Santora (Scorpian) will serve as showrunner/executive producer.

Speaking about the forthcoming series Jennifer Salke, Head of Amazon Studios had this to say;

“Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books series is a global phenomenon with one of entertainment’s most well-known heroes, and a perfect fit for Amazon Studios’ slate of bold, character-driven series. We look forward to expanding the Jack Reacher universe and bringing more thrilling action to our Amazon Prime Video audience."

Santora added;

“Lee Child has created an incredible character and world; it will be the goal of every writer, producer, actor, executive and crew member to capture the essence of Mr. Child’s books — and luckily Lee has been there, and will continue to be there, to help guide us along the way in this series. He is the pulse of Reacher."

Christopher McQuarrie directed the first Jack Reacher movie (and produced the sequel) who is currently working on two Mission Impossible sequels with Tom Cruise. McQuarrie will remain involved with Reacher as one of the executive producers. The series is expected to start production later this year for a 2021 launch. Meanwhile, Amazon's other Jack based franchise, Jack Ryan, will be back later this year for its third season starring John Krasinski.