The US remake of the British drama series won’t be returning for a second season on AMC. Mark Strong starred in the original mini-series in 2006 and played the same role in the AMC version, despite getting off to a solid start rating wise the gritty drama couldn’t sustain an audience and the finale was watched by just over six hundred thousand viewers which was a quarter of what the pilot episode received.

Although not directly comparable with fellow AMC series Breaking Bad, Low Winter Sun was a slow burner that required commitment from the audience and those early days of Walter White were nothing to brag about from a ratings standpoint. These days it’s not all about the Nielsen ratings as on demand and streaming services now play a big part of the measurement in success and failure. 

For a network that thrived on giving more dramatically ambitious shows the room to breathe, will another network or perhaps Netflix come to Low Winter Sun’s aid? Well it has happened before, just recently AMC canned The Killing (again) and Netflix revived it for a fifth and final mini-series but that still averaged over 1.5 million viewers before AMC gave it the chop. Odds are this is the end for Low Winter Sun but I hope to be proved wrong.