AMC Studios is developing underrated 90s high-concept comedy Stay Tuned into a TV series, and it's about ruddy time! The 1992 movie starred John Ritter and Pam Dawber as an unhappy married couple who must battle to escape Hellvision when they are transported inside their new TV. The movie might have had a neat concept and a game cast, but it failed to leave an impact on the box office and is virtually impossible to find on DVD.

Cut to almost 30 years later, and Fear The Walking Dead's Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing are the unlikely duo to bring Stay Tuned to the small screen. Back in the 90s, satellite TV brought around hundreds of new channels, and with it a seemingly inexhaustible supply of new shows. Today, we have more content to watch with the streaming boom and peak TV; there is likely already more high-quality TV shows out there now than one person could watch in their lifetime. The possibilities of the basic premise of a couple sucked into their TV and endure a series of hellish tasks to save your soul are endless, and it remains a mystery why it has taken so long for a remake.

Unlike the movie that was very much aimed at kids, the new Stay Tuned could well be a much more grown-up offering given its Goldberg's background with The Walking Dead. On a side note, if you've never seen the original movie it is available to rent via Amazon and is well worth a watch. Meanwhile, fans of the world of the Walking Dead is Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC in October as the delayed season 10 finale arrives shortly followed by the new season of Fear The Walking Dead. If that's not enough zombie action for your October, the third spin-off, World Beyond, also arrives on AMC.