The third entry in the Something Has Fallen franchise has topped the US box office with an estimated $21 million for the weekend. Following Olympus, and London, Angel Has Fallen finds Gerard Butler's Secret Service Agent Mike Banning stitched up for an assassination attempt on The President (Morgan Freeman). To clear his name, Banning will have to go on the run and battle his way to the truth before it kills him.

For comparison, Angel opened just a slither behind its predecessor (London) which claimed $21.6 million back in 2016. The franchise started back in 2013, and of the two 'Die Hard in the White House' movies released that year (White House Down flopped), Olympus Has Fallen emerged the victor. With its 90s action movie vibe, occasional shocking violence, Olympus offered a fun (albeit logic free) night out at the movies. Making a respectable $170 million against a $70 million production budget, it wasn't exactly crying out for a sequel. However, solid Home Entertainment sales tipped the scales, and three years later it was London's turn to fall. While making significantly less domestically ($60 million vs Olympus' $98 million), London Has Fallen generated more globally with $205 million.

August is frequently a neglected month for the box office, last year The Meg capitalised on this giving audiences one last taste of summer excess. August 2017 the Ryan Reynolds/Samuel L Jackson action-comedy The Hitman's Bodyguard also enjoyed multiple weeks at number one owing to little else on offer to moviegoers. Elsewhere in the US top ten, last week's surprise number 1 slipped one place, R-rated comedy Good Boys made a solid $11.7 million for its second weekend taking its domestic cume up to $42 million.

Faith-based drama Overcomer exceeded predictions and landed third place with an estimated $8.2 million. The Lion King dropped one spot to fourth in its six-frame adding $8.1 million to its kingly total. At the time of writing, The Lion King has generated more than $510 million domestically and more than $1 billion internationally. Thanks to a $102 million debut in China Hobbs & Shaw is nearing a worldwide box office of $600 million, while it is unlikely to match the success of the last couple of Fast & Furious sequels it's a reasonable start to a new spin-off franchise. 

Fox Searchlight's horror thriller Ready or Not came in under expectations with $7.5 million for the weekend. The Angry Birds 2 followed its disappointing opening with an equally underwhelming second weekend taking just $6 million. The sequel to the modest hit from 2016 is proving to be less appealing than the game that spawned it with a worldwide total of just $74 million. Finally, Lionsgate's Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark dropped three spots to number eight adding $6 million to its tally. Produced by Guillermo del Toro and based on the books by Alvin Schwartz, Scary Stories has grossed a respectable $74 million on a $25 million budget and should hit $100 million before it's done theatrically. Expect news of a sequel in the coming weeks.