Just like movies , books and anything else really , anime genres go through trends. One year it's all about high school sweetness and the next it's dark and gloomy. Anime trends are influenced by a lot of things but there are some definite super influencers. The popularity of a certain anime will spawn anime of the same type as its pretty common that consumers will watch and watch some more. That being said I do think that anime is a great way of pushing genres forward that people are unfamiliar with and get people to try something new. Another , pretty common reason , for trends in genres, are social and global happenings. The whole idol genre revolves around talent shows and being a diva. So , below I give you a few trends in anime that we have seen so far in 2016.

1. The Transported into a Game Genre

This genre is pretty simple to explain. There is some virtual reality and people get sucked into it . There is usually some " play till you die in real " element . For many of us, Sword Art Online was the BIG one that everyone watched and it really got people into the genre. There are variations on this genre with animes being made around gamers away from their games. This trend took off with more than a dozen NEW anime hitting our screens with this virtual reality aspect.

Some anime in this genre : KONOSUBA , Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash  and Re : Zero

2. Male Idols

Male idol animes may seem like they are just targeted at girls. This is not the case. Male Idol animes are all about drama and portraying tropes found in men .There is always the shy one , the bad boy and a list of other somewhat stereotyped males. Idol animes also add elements of singing , talent and just all around musicality to anime. I can't say that I am a big fan of idol animes but there sure have been a trend this year .

Some anime in this genre : Love Live !, Prepare and The Idol [email protected]

3.  Food 

This may seem like a strange one but this year has seen a lot of anime around food. Well , it's not like food is a character but it is used as a means to show people being brought together. I mean , being Italian I know the importance of a good meal . This anime genre is relatively NEW and there have been some exciting shows that use good food as a theme. There are animes with high schools that just bake, the importance of sharing food and just the magic of good food.


Some anime in this genre : Shokugeki no Soma : Ni no Sara and Pan de Peace !

4.  Magic Battle Schools

This genre sounds exactly like the title. It's like Hogwarts but with more fighting, more love and more drama. While this is not by any means a new anime genre , we have seen SOOOOO many magic battle school animes in 2016 . There is really nothing exciting being done with the genre but fans have come to love the predictability of this genre. Magic = fights

Some anime in this genre : Too many to count

So , while this article may seem to be pointing out the obvious with regards to trends I do hope that you have seen some anime genres that you would give a try . I think that the food one is pretty unique and could be something worth sinking my teeth into . Well, my sweet tooth.