Justin and the Knights of Valour comes to cinemas nationwide on September 13th and while I've not heard much about the film, it seems that the stars Antonio Bandaras and Saoirse Ronan are coming out to tell the fans all about it at the BFI this coming weekend.

Check out the details below... I'm going!! It's about time we had another fun animated adventure to look forward to this year!

Date & Time: Sunday September 8th at 12pm at NFT1


Justin is determined to follow his ancestors by becoming a knight and embarking on a quest. But with the Queen having banished all knights from the land, Justin must seek the training he requires on his own. On his long journey, Justin meets a quirky wizard, a handsome knight and three wise monks before discovering a terrible plot to overthrow the Queen. If the land is to be saved from evil then Justin will have to find the courage to deal with this approaching menace.

Film Details: 96 minutes with PG cert.

Release Date: In cinemas everywhere September 13th