Two months on from NBC's decision to axe A.P Bio after two seasons and the sitcom has been given an unexpected reprieve on their forthcoming streaming service. Created by Mike O’Brien-and starring Glenn Howerton as Dr. Jack Carson Griffin, a disgraced Harvard professor who is forced to take a job teaching Advanced Placement biology at his old hometown high school. However, Jack decides to get revenge on all the people he believes wronged him, and he's not afraid to rope in his students to help.

Since the series was axed back in May, fans have rallied behind the show which has enjoyed a significant boost in streaming requests as a result. Speaking about the surprise revival, series creator Mike O'Brien had this to say;

“I’m so overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the fans,” said showrunner O’Brien. “The cast and I are thrilled that we get to make more and I’m excited to work with the NBCU streaming platform.”

Glenn Howerton added (via Twitter);

"Thanks to huge streaming numbers and the support of our die-hard fans, APBio is getting a 3rd season. I am overjoyed. Congrats to @MikeOBrienXOXO the most for creating such an amazing show. I’m so happy right now."

As A.P Bio has yet to find a UK home, I've only had trailers and clips in Talk Shows to go on, but by all accounts, it seems like a solid comedy. I mean, how bad could anything be that had Howerton playing to his strengths, and the ever watchable Patton Oswalt as the High School Principal? Howerton's It's Always Sunny co-star had a cracking sitcom with The Mick (which only recently launched its second and final season in the UK) that was criminally cancelled far too soon. 

Howerton is currently back with The Gang filming the 14th season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia which is set the land on FXX later this year. UK fans will be able to catch it via Netflix shortly after the season wraps on FXX. The new batch of episodes will complete the previous two-season pick-up FX handed out a couple of years ago, so we'll have to wait and see if Paddy's Pub will stay open for a record-breaking 15th run.

A.P Bio season three will be available on NBCUniversal's streaming service sometime next year.