Last year’s Terminator Genisys was meant to be the first instalment in a new trilogy that would extend to at least one planned TV spin-off series. However, US audiences were not impressed with the belated sequel, and its casual rewriting of the established mythology angered the die-hard fans of the franchise. 

Paramount had tentatively earmarked a summer 2017 and 2019 release for the two respective sequels, but following the lacklustre domestic box office they swiftly removed both follow-ups from the schedule. Fast forward a couple of months and one-man promotion machine Arnold Schwarzenegger has teased that Terminator 6 might actually be happening. Speaking on an Australian talk show, Arnie was asked about the possibly of a sixth movie he said: “I am looking forward to it, absolutely.”  

Admittedly that’s not much information at face value, but if another Terminator sequel was dead and buried, surely Arnie would know. Despite the critical mauling that Terminator Genisys received, the movie was far from a box office flop thanks to a strong overseas performance and a massive launch in China. Genisys went on to make more than $440 million worldwide and became the second highest-grossing entry in the franchise. So making another sequel isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds from a business perspective, but from a creative perspective, there seems to be no solid foundation for a sixth movie to exist.

While it is highly unlikely that a direct continuation of Genisys is going to happen, there’s still three years to go before the Terminator rights revert to James Cameron, so perhaps one last attempt to reinvigorate the franchise will be mounted. Then again, maybe it would be best for all concerned if the Terminator wasn’t further sullied by any more cash grab reboots