The Evil Dead is a horror legend, it shocked, it repulsed and it made video nasties a very real thing in the UK. From comedy, to intense horror, right through to the blood pulsating gore Demons ARE real and they're coming to F*ck us all up. 

We've seen the remake which was pretty awesome but now a Starz Original series has put the original EVIL DEAD franchise back on track mixing new talent with old and making sure it hits all the right limb severing beats!

We've come up with five reasons to watch this outrageous horror hit before it's  too late!


It's difficult to strike a balance when it comes to comedy, drama and horror but Ash Vs Evil Dead manages to do it flawlessly. Sam Raimi resurrects his original idea with brother Ivan and Tom Spezialy, these guys know what they want and how to do it.  Episode One of the Ash Vs Evil Dead mixes tension, comedy and a lovely amount of gore that will keep viewers happy from start to finish.

Hardcore franchise fans will be overwhelmed by just how much the series caters to them as an audience. Unlike the remake of Evil Dead, Ash Vs Evil Dead has ensured it sticks to what it knows best and builds on the lore of the original.


It's no shock that Bruce Campbell returns with sassy Ash whose been hiding out in his trailer and working a dead end job since the last Evil Dead adventure. Now teamed up with young talent, this foul mouthed boheamouth of an anti-hero returns with quick witted malevolence and limb busting action. Although when he decides to do some of his kick-ass shit you can't  be entirely sure if it will work in his favour.

Campbell brings the foundation to the madness that is Ash vs Evil Dead but he does so with a "I'm the luckiest guy on the planet" swagger that everyone will fall in love with.


We're never going to get away from the idea that special effects are now all generated on computer but Ash Vs Evil Dead brings some of the old school back to the party with buckets of blood and plenty of terrified actors.

You've not seen entertainment until you've seen the results of some special effects guru's blood-gasm as it flies over terrified cast members. Just look at them... in the eyes, in the mouth... it's like a really really sick porno.


The genre goddess is back and it's no surprise since she's been married to Rob Tapert for some time. Tapert a long time collaborator with Raimi discovered her and turned her into a warrior princess named Xena, from then on she's gone on to win our hearts over and over in roles that have ranged from the caring to the down right deranged. She's no stranger to action or drama having been part of the Starz family with Spartacus and her awesome rendition of Lucretia. We love her and it's a joy to see her on screen once again in a genre heavy hitter that will keep us watching week in, week out!

This is a woman who has carved her own path and career in the industry on a worldwide stage as a genre favourite. The warrior princess may have but her on the map but sheer determination and talent keep bringing her back time and again.

We love you Lucy Lawless... ADOPT US! (Being in our 30's it may be too late for that but adopt us anyway!)


This may seem like a total suck up move but STARZ ORIGINALS are great mediums of entertainment, they're varied, they're top notch and they're made with a shed load of love. Spartacus had us rallying in triumph and then weeping with merry abandon throughout the final episode... much sacrifice, much drama, much action... 

Then of course you have other great shows such as Black Sails, DaVinci's Demons, The Missing, Magic City and Camelot (Which ended far too soon!).

Starz dedication to original programming that branches out into the genre specific is admirable as most would tread the safe line. Instead Starz opt for adult drama that resonates with viewers time and again whether it be through violence or tapping into the nostalgia that we all grew up on. They try... they win. We love you Starz!

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