Colour us surprised. If like us you were like "Oh dear god not another Assassin's Creed game." and pretty much ignored any press or media being released about the game, then maybe this is the article for you. As we head in to the run up to Christmas, games will be hitting us thick and fast and it might be easy to ignore Assassin's Creed: Origins but here's five reasons why you should probably take another look.


You read it right! Assassin's Creed has left the world of button mashing combos and counters in favour of an action RPG style experience. Your character levels and progresses through the game and learns new skills as you go. This is the birth of the Brotherhood and every assassin has to start somewhere right?

Don't expect to be the one hit kill master you once were, now there's strategy, character placement and all-new fighting styles to get to grips with.


Some may not like this idea as Assassin's Creed character progression in the past has been pretty linear, you get more health, buy better armour and weapons and you're good to go on a countering frenzy.

In the ACO skill trees you select your path and style of play. As always you can choose to be a hybrid of all the trees but will you ever truly reach your potential?Will you be a beast master and tame the animals in the wilds or will you be a master assassin, choosing stealth over a hack and slash balls to the wall action hero style of play? The choice is in your hands but choose carefully. Who knows what dangers await.


Gone are the days of hack and slash gameplay in the AC franchise. With a full range of weapons on offer in Origins you'll find yourself attempting to be a lot more precise in your attacks as the change to the combat system means you have to actually be facing your opponent to do damage. From spears, to short swords to a sword and shield. The variety here will have you switching out weapons to ensure that you're making the most of your strategic advantage on the field.


Well they're not gone, they're there but they're optional. ACO favours exploration on foot or by camel/horse over scaling the same old buildings time and again! Don't get me wrong there are still synchronize points but these are for your friendly eagle SENU who will get perks from completing these optional points. SENU is your feathery military drone who will scout out the area for you, pin pointing out the targets you need to hit and the ones you need to avoid.


The one thing that made Ezio and Altier great was their story. AC hasn't had that immense storyline, that character to get behind in some time. Yeah Black Flag was fun but side quests really bogged down the game and were a real distraction from the main content if you happen to have OCD.

In Origins with the franchise having taken a year out and having been in production since Black Flag, there's gotta be something to be said about going full on action RPG right? The stories, the side quests should bring this immense world to life. Not to mention being set in Egypt means a shit load of mythology to fall back on! It's all happening and we are ready.

We overlooked this game from the moment it was announced. We'd been burned by the Creed one too many times but now it's time to take the oath once again and we are ready. Not to mention we're totally ready for 4k gaming with Xbox One X.... like INSANELY ready!

Assassin's Creed: Origins heads to PS4 and Xbox One on October 27. Get ready to spill some blood in the name of the Brotherhood!