FX's Emmy-winning series from Donald Glover is set to finally start production in the spring to film two seasons back-to-back. Fans of Atlanta have been patiently waiting for over two years for season three but finding the time for the ever-busy Glover, Zazie Beetz, Brian Tyree Henry, and Lakeith Stanfield, proved challenging, and that was before the pandemic. However, plans are moving forward with FX boss John Landgraf confirming that Glover and his team have written all the scripts for both forthcoming seasons.  

“One of the things that’s been kind of an unexpected boon from COVID-19 is that writers have had a lot of time to write. Donald Glover and his intrepid team of partners have written everything for seasons three and four. One [season] shoots primarily in Europe, one primarily in Atlanta. The intent is to shoot them all at one time, essentially back to back. However, the availability has been pushed back because of COVID. That had to do with our sense of when we could return to work safely and then we had to coordinate all of the cast for what is shooting two seasons at once. Heartbreakingly for me, it has been pushed back a little bit.”

Both season three and four will be slightly shorter than the previous runs with both new seasons consisting of eight episodes apiece. Since its launch back in 2016, Atlanta has carved out quite the reputation for being almost uncategorisable, a surreal mix of comedy and drama with blisteringly entertaining results. The season two episode titled Teddy Perkins is a pure slice of David Lynch type surrealism with lashings of psychological thrills. I can't wait to see where the new seasons take us, all being well we should have new episodes with us late next year. 

Meanwhile, Donald Glover recently gave Community fans hope for the long-mooted movie when he reunited for a virtual table read with his former Community cast members. Back in May, series creator Dan Harmon strongly (but cautiously) hinted that talks were happening.

“I can tell people for sure that the enthusiasm for Community, both for all of this time and the resurgence of it [on Netflix], there’s always an aspect of that affects the marketplace. And when the marketplace gets affected, conversations happen. And when conversations happen, things happen.

I mean, when you’re part of the Community family, you learn never to raise expectations, keep ‘em nice and low and then be pleasantly surprised. So I can say that there are conversations happening that people would want to be happening and that I’m very, very excited about the coming months.”

Atlanta will return to FX sometime next year.