It's been a long while since Attack On Titan grabbed Anime fans and to an extent the mainstream world by the balls. With exciting visuals, gore, a story to die for and an incredibly in depth world to get in to.

With the Titans winning the war and the humans fighting for survival, new discoveries have lead the human race to turn on each other. It's a complex story befitting of any anime and as the true nature of the Titans begins to be revealed, this is one jaw dropping series that needs to be seen to be believed.

The first artwork from Season 3 has just been released and it looks INTENSE. For those of you who hadn't realised Season 2 was a thing, UK fans can own it on DVD and Blu-ray from FUNIMATION February 26,2018. Keep an eye out for ATTACK ON TITAN THE MOVIE in UK cinemas from Anime Ltd in February.