Are you a Back to the Future fan who has often wondered what it would have been like if Eric Stoltz was never fired from his role as Marty McFly? If so, then there’s a new digital comic book called Back to Back to the Future that you’ll want to check out. Created by writer/director/producer David Guy Levy, this decade-in-the-making project is a 6-part series that revives cinematic history by going back in time to ensure that Stoltz is never replaced by Michael J. Fox as the film’s famous main character. It’ll be released in six instalments, beginning today exclusively on EW Comics and The first three parts will be available to download for free, while the backend of the series will be priced at $2.00 apiece. Click on the following link, where you’ll find the option to download issue #1 of Back to Back to the Future: Before you do though, take a look at the video below of David Guy Levy discussing both his project as well as its financial beneficiary, the Young Storytellers Foundation.