This is some pretty cool news. Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight Rises,  The Dark Knight, Inception), is asking for all of us to lend our voices to the "Dark Knight Rises" score.


According to the website


"I'm shining the bat-signal up into the sky to call you all!

We need to hear your voices! Now and Loud! We are creating the sound of a worldwide chant. Everyone come and be part of it. It's easy:


There is no such thing as out-of-tune, no timing we can't fix later. If you mumble, growl, scream or whisper, it's all good. Make it yours. If you only get halfway through, no problem! Do it alone, bring your friends, but do it with energy and commitment.


Let your voice be heard and be a part of our adventure!"

So head over to the website, and lend your voice to the man behind so many great scores.