The exact viewing figures are a closely guarded secret but Variety have reported that over 15% of Netflix subscribers watched at least one episode of House Of Cards second season. 

Netflix don’t release detailed figures for their content, the information comes from broadband firm Procera Networks and, whilst this might not be easily extrapolated to an accurate number at the last count Netflix had over 31 million US subscribers so that would calculate to around 4.7 million viewers. 

Unlike traditional TV ratings systems, the way a subscriber to any given streaming site or on demand service will consume content is different so day one numbers aren’t a huge concern for the Netflix. Having said that, a big launch is good news all round and more than justifies the recent third season renewal.

In the online content war Netflix is winning by a country mile and their recent deal with Disney to produce four interconnecting superhero shows (starting with Daredevil) promises to deliver something special. Amazon just launched their second pilot season with five new  offerings vying for audiences attention, although their efforts should be applauded they’re leaps and bounds behind Netflix. 

House Of Cards is available to stream on Netflix now and season 2 of Orange Is The New Black arrives on June 6.