It has become a standard in children’s television today that each show has to contribute in some way to the child’s developmental growth. At the beginning of each show on Nick Jr, the programmers tell the viewers in what way does this help the child grow.  For children growing up in the 90’s, there were two main television shows that contributed to their learning environment: The Magic School Bus and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Bill Nye was iconic for mixing science with humour, even though he speaks about many different types of science ranging from chemistry to biology, he isn’t known for talking about evolution. It wasn’t until a recent online video, which encourages parents not to teach evolution, did he speak out.

Bill Nye’s goal has always been to create a scientifically literate society. This is part of the reason why he made Bill Nye the Science Guy and was, for a while, quiet successful at it.  Nye feels that if you decide to ignore science and try to supplement it, there will be no room to innovate.