Continuing its incredible run, Marvel's Black Panther ruled the US box office for the fifth week in a row with an estimated $27 million. The Chadwick Boseman led movie has raced over the $600 million line and has a current global haul of almost $1.2 billion. Black Panther is set to eclipse the $623 million the first Avengers movie generated domestically, and it could easily overtake The Avengers' global $1.5 billion total by the time it concludes its theatrical run.

Tomb Raider came in second place with an estimated $23.5 million for the weekend, which will undoubtedly be a disappointment to Warner Bros executives. Alicia Vikander stars as Laura Croft in the reboot that takes its cues from the 2013 revamped game from Crystal Dynamics. Unlike other video game based franchises like Resident Evil that rarely cost more than $60 million to make, Tomb Raider carries a riskier $94 million price tag. The critical response to the new movie might be mixed, but Tomb Raider pulled in a respectable $103 million internationally with more than $41 million of that coming from China. Only time will tell if this reboot will spawn the desired franchise.

The biggest surprise in the top ten was I Can Only Imagine which came in third place with $17 million. Telling the true story behind Christian Rock Band MercyMe's recording of their song I Can Only Imagine, the film has struck a chord with the Christian community. For comparison,  fellow faith-based film God's Not Dead had an opening weekend of $9 million for a final total of $60 million, I Can Only Imagine could easily reach the same amount or surpass it. Costing an estimated $7 million, the Dennis Quad led movie is already well on the way to turning a profit.

Elsewhere in the US top ten, A Wrinkle In Time dropped to fourth for a current total of $61 million, new release Love, Simon landed at fifth with a modest launch of $11 million. Jason Bateman/Rachel McAdams comedy Game Night slipped one place to sixth; Peter Rabbit passed the $100 million mark and belated horror sequel Strangers: Prey At Night tumbled five places to number eight. The follow-up to the 2008 Liv Tyler movie has generated just $18 million after two weeks, that's not even close to the $54 million the first film made a decade ago.

Finally, Jennifer Lawrence's latest, Red Sparrow, continues to divide critics and fans. Globally, the movie has made an estimated $103 million, but it's still a long way off from breaking even. Unwanted remake Death Wish rounded out the US top ten with $3.3 million for the weekend and a domestic total of $29.9 million. Directed by Eli Roth and starring Bruce Willis, Death Wish arrives in the UK on April 6.