Becoming a super soldier is a story that has been told time and again in comic books from Marvel to DC and the underdog with a huge following Valiant Comics!

With Marvel making bank with a remarkable slate of superhero finesse and DC making bank with what can only be classed as a colossal heap of dog shit, Valiant Comics is bringing one of their titles to the big screen in February 2020 with Vin Diesel in the lead and Guy Pearce playing support. Hooray for Guy! This is the only time both have appeared in a comic book franchise film outside of the MCU. Pretty neat and for all parties involved a bit of a risk. Especially with prolific directors basically calling comic book movies trash... hey mate, millions of people adore that trash and they're going to keep going! 

Here's to beautiful, glorious, comic book inspired trash. Check out the trailer for BLOODSHOT below.