A good horror film isn’t just for Halloween, it’s for life. Whilst the big screen and DVD shelves are filled with by the numbers frights a group of UK filmmaker have been making some of the most innovative horror shorts online. 

Launching in 2011 the Bloody Cuts team released their first chapter in a planned 13 part anthology series, if you are an old school fan of horror the prospect of an online anthology series will likely set your pulses racing and rightly so. Armed with little money but buckets of determination they kept going and even caught the attention of Stephen Fry who gave them a little donation towards making more films.

Their work has played in a wealth of international festivals including Raindance, Texas Frightmare, LA Screamfest and Toronto After Dark. Their make up and prosthetics are provided by the award winning Millennium FX who have worked on landmark TV shows such as Doctor Who and Being Human.

The team recently released Don’t Move which is the eighth episode in their promised thirteen part anthology series which could just be their best work to date. After all that hard work the Bloody Cuts team have just announced details of their very first international short film competition offering a wealth of prizes for the winning films. Having followed their work since the release of the second episode (Stitches) it’s great to see them grow as a production company and offer other budding filmmakers the chance to get their work seen.

If you’re a horror fan or a aspiring filmmaker yourself then you won’t want to miss out on taking part in this. The full details are available on the Bloody Cuts website but here’s a rundown of the basics. Valid entries must follow the criteria; maximum of 3 minutes, based around the open theme of “Who’s There”, the budget must not exceed $1000 although ‘cost does not equate to quality here’ and it goes without say that it must be within the horror genre. Just incase you’re a little unsure on the rules, here’s the guys from Bloody Cuts to explain it themselves.

The judging panel includes Gremlins” director Joe Dante and Gale Anne Hurd who has produced iconic movies such as Terminator and TV smash hit The Walking Dead.

Finished films must be uploaded by December 30 and full terms and conditions about taking part can be found on their website. Always willing to lead by example team Bloody Cuts made a three-minute film sticking to the rules they set out for the competition. You can check out the film below, although if you are of a nervous disposition hit play and watch it with your eyes closed.