Mattel Films is teaming up with horror movie masters Blumhouse Productions to terrify multiple generations by bringing Magic 8 Ball to the big screen. The veteran toy has been entertaining people for decades with its 'mystical predictions', and now it will (presumably) take on a murderous/supernatural form to pick off a band of youngsters one at a time.

Jeff Wadlow (Blumhouse's Truth or Dare) will direct the film and co-write alongside Jillian Jacobs and Chris Roach. Making the announcement, via Deadline, Mattel Films' Robbie Brenner had this to say;

“Since the 1950s, Magic 8 Ball has inspired imagination, suspense and intrigue across generations. This iconic toy has a built-in connection with fans and untapped potential for storytelling. There are no partners better suited to tell the Magic 8 Ball story in collaboration with Mattel Films than Jeff Wadlow and Blumhouse Productions, whose unique approach to the thriller genre has captivated audiences worldwide and has gained widespread accolades.”

Producer Jason Blum added;

“As fans of Mattel and their iconic brands, we’re looking forward to bringing Magic 8 Ball, one of their most celebrated toys, to life, and playing against expectations in doing so. We look forward to partnering with Mattel Films to put this project on the fast track to the big screen and create a memorable experience for moviegoers.”

You might think that turning an innocuous children's toy into a horror film isn't possible, but Jason Blum successfully produced two surprisingly scary Ouija movies based on the Hasbro game. The Mike Flanagan (Haunting of Hill House) directed prequel, Origins of Evil, was near Conjuring levels of good. So, maybe Magic 8 Ball could turn out to be the unexpected horror hit of 2020? If only there were some way of predicting the future, preferably with a sphere shaped object that you shake.