Hulu and Blumhouse Television are putting together a new twelve-part horror anthology series that will air one episode a month for a year. According to Variety, the as yet untitled series will launch in October and will consist of twelve standalone stories with “some narrative device or structural device is expected to connect them.”

Joel Stillerman, Hulu’s new Chief Content Officer had this;

“At the heart of the deal is an extremely passionate audience and an extremely activatable audience in terms of horror. It’s not even the larger bucket of ‘genre.’ I would say this falls squarely into the horror bucket. And it’s brought to us by, I would say in many ways that would be hard to argue, the consummate producers in that genre today.”

The producer in question is Jason Blum who has garnered massive success over the last decade with a plethora of high-concept low-budget horror movies. Paranormal Activity, The Purge, Insidious, Get Out, and Split have all scored big at the box office, and Blum has built a sustainable business model in a tempestuous industry. Blumhouse Television has two high profile new offering this year with a TV series sequel to Tremors starring Kevin Bacon, and an as yet untitled spin-off from The Purge.

Anthology shows have enjoyed a revival in recent years with Inside No.9, Black Mirror, and Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. Series long anthologies such as American Horror/Crime Story, Feud still count, but there's something special about a show that is something brand new every week. I like the idea of a monthly release date, the fast-paced nature of TV (opposed to film) could allow for more socially relevant tales of terror to be told. Then again, the real world is doing a pretty good job at being terryfying all by itself. Hulu is planning to make each episode of the series a "TV event', so expect some big-name talent on both sides of the camera to be approached.