Happy New Year movie lovers! Welcome to 2022, let’s hope this is the year we get some normalcy back. Not much out this week but we will kick it all off with the much delayed Antlers. Lucas (Jeremy T. Thomas) is a young boy in a small town in central Oregon. Lucas looks after himself after his younger brother Aiden (Sawyer Jones) and father Frank (Scott Haze) are attacked by a mysterious creature. Lucas not only has to deal with life on his own, but he also has to take care of the family home, deal with school and the bullies that torment him, and try to keep his secrets from all those around him, including the sheriff (Jesse Plemons) and a caring schoolteacher (Keri Russell).

Antlers is a well put together thriller anchored by a great performance by young Thomas. The creature work is phenomenal and the stellar supporting cast, especially Plemons and Russell really class up the whole thing. Some great shock moments, a nicely paced story and strong performances and practical effects make Antlers a step above the average horror fare and well worth checking out. Definitely recommended.

Also of note this week is horror comedy Black Friday with Bruce Campbell and Devon Sawa, plus the 4K debut of the original Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp.

Until next week movie lovers, stay safe!          

DVD and Blu-ray Releases for Tuesday January 4, 2022

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero: The Complete Series

Antlers (2020)

Black Friday (2021)

China (1943)*

Eden: Untamed Planet

One Piece: Season 11 Voyage 6

Only the Animals a.k.a. Seules les bêtes (2019)

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) 4K

Serengeti II

Shake Hands with the Devil (1959)*

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Season 1

The Djinn (2021)

The Naked Ape (1973)*

The Superdeep (2021)

Together (2021)

Weathering with You (2019) 4K

Zeroes and Ones (2021)

*New to Blu-ray