Well as we enter March and officially mark one year on Pandemic lockdown, this is one of the smallest release weeks I have seen! But there is one title worth checking out this week, Monster Hunter. Milla Jovovich reteams with Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson for a new kind of creature feature as U.S. Army Ranger, Captain Natalie Artemis, who, along with a group of her fellow soldiers find themselves transported while on patrol to an alternate universe filled with massive creatures. Trapped in a barren desert like world, Artemis and her squad must team up with a mysterious huntsman (Tony Jaa) to find a way across the dangerous landscape back into the mysterious storm that brought them there in hopes it will return them home.

Monster Hunter is pure popcorn entertainment that harkens back to the sci fi action films of the mid to late 80s. Jovovich is solid as usual and is given more time here to smile and joke than in the Resident Evil series, and her chemistry with Jaa is also fun to watch. The effects are convincing and over the top bringing back memories of films like Starship Troopers coupled with the action and setting of Van Damme’s Cyborg. Grab some snacks and drinks and settle in for a fun ride and some much needed escapism with Monster Hunter.

Also of note this week is the new documentary Zappa directed by Bill & Ted’s own Alex Winter, the new thriller Fatale with Hilary Swank and Michael Ealy and the crazy new one take action flick Crazy Samurai: 400 vs. 1.

Until next week movie lovers, stay safe!

DVD and Blu-ray Releases for Tuesday March 2, 2021

400 Bullets

All My Life

Crazy Samurai Musashi a.k.a. Crazy Samurai: 400 vs. 1

Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks


Half Brothers

Inuyasha Set 4

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Set 5: Diamond Is Unbreakabe Part 2

Monster Hunter

Nothing But the Truth (1941)*

Pinocchio (2019)*

Rick And Morty: The Complete Seasons 1-4

Scare Me

She's the Man (2006)*

Victor and Valentino: Folk Art Foes

WWE: Royal Rumble 2021

Zappa (2020)

*Catalog Blu-ray debut