Welcome to November! Hope you all had a great Halloween! We kick off the month with slim pickin’s, but there is one stand out that is worth checking out called Pig. Nicolas Cage plays Rob Feld, a former Portland-based chef turned reclusive truffle forager following the death of his wife and partner Lori fifteen years prior. When Rob’s prize foraging pig is stolen, he leaves his reclusive life to venture into the city and face his former life to find the culprits and get his pig back. 

Nicolas Cage has definitely become the busiest actor on the planet. For the past 5 years or so he has been averaging 5-6 films per year, which is just crazy. But the amazing thing is the vast majority have been very entertaining movies, he just seems to have dedicated himself to putting everything into making interesting and challenging features. Pig is among my favorite of his recent films. I was expecting a kind of exploitative horror film with Pig, but what I got was an introspective character study that was subtle, emotional, and powerful. And Cage gives one of his most restrained but fantastic performances. Add to that the brilliant support casting of Alex Wolff and you have a huge surprise of a film. Do yourself a favor and check out Pig, it is very highly recommended.

Also of note this week is Barry Sonnenfeld’s brilliant 1991 film The Addams Family coming to 4K for the first time, a great trippy new horror film Come True, and the Blu-ray debut of the 1987 comedy Dirty Laundry.

Until next week movie lovers, stay safe!                                                                            

DVD and Blu-ray Releases for Tuesday November 2, 2021

Broken Diamonds

Chernobyl 1986 a.k.a. Chernobyl: Abyss (2021)

Come True (2020)

Dirty Laundry (1987)*

Highway Hitcher (aka The Pass)*

Homebodies (1974)*

How to Train Your Dragon: The Ultimate Collection

Indiana Jones Collection 4K Steelbook

La Strada (1954) - Criterion Collection

Loud House: Cooked – Season 3 Volume 2

MacGyver: The Complete Collection (1985-1992)*

Night Of The Bloody Apes - Double Feature*

Nine Days (2020)

PAW Patrol: The Movie (2021)

Pig (2021)

Punky Brewster: The Complete Series

Sex and the City: The Complete Series*

Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas

The Addams Family (1991) 4K

The Banishing (2021)

The Beast Must Die (1952)*

The Best of the Harveytoons Show

The Bitter Stems (1956)*

The Crown: The Complete Fourth Season

The Mad Doctor (1941)*

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (1935)*

The Original Christmas Specials Collection (1964-1970)

The Secret of the Blue Room (1933)*

The Spider Woman Strikes Back (1946)*

Zone 414 (2021)

*New to Blu-ray