Another month on its way out and the Christmas season is upon us! We start this week off with a unique new thriller, Searching. John Cho stars as David Kim, a widower raising a 16-year-old daughter Margot (Michelle La). When Margot goes missing, David assists the detective in charge of the case (Debra Messing) by going through his daughter’s computer, social media and contacts to try and piece together more information about Margot’s life, which takes a mysterious turn and makes David question if he knows his daughter at all.

Searching is very unique in that the entire movie is presented to the viewer through the screen of Margot’s computer and various other devices. While there have been a few movies to try this angle, Searching really uses it to its advantage and crafts a tense, fast paced thriller that really kept me guessing throughout. And John Cho once again proves he is one of the most underrated actors out there. After this film and his amazing performance in Season Two of the also greatly underrated television series The Exorcist, maybe Cho will finally start getting some of the attention he deserves. Searching is thrilling, inventive, fun and well put together.

Next up is a treat for fans of 80s horror, The Critters Collection Blu-ray from Shout Factory. Starting out with Critters from 1986, the films tell the tale of small, round furry aliens that land in a small mid-Western town and wreak havoc on the townsfolk. Critters 2 picks up after some alien eggs are left behind to start up a new alien feeding frenzy. Critters 3 finds the alien terrors set loose in a Los Angeles apartment tower, and Critters 4 takes the action into space when cryogenically frozen Critters wake up and feast on the crew of a space station.

The Critters films are outrageous fun and even though they are a direct rip off of the mega hit Gremlin’s movies, I find them to be even more fun. The first film actually boasts a strong cast including Dee Wallace, M. Emmet Walsh, Billy Zane and Lin Shaye and Critters 2 is directed by Horror’s Ambassador to the World, Mick Garris. Critters 3 even has a role for future Oscar Winner and all around heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio and Critters 4 stars Angela Basset, Brad Dourif and Anne Ramsay. On top of the great talent you have amazingly fun creature work, tons of PG-13 carnage 80s style and lots of humor. The Critters film are an absolute blast and this box set is chock full of new and vintage special features and new 2K scans of the first two films. So much fun in one box.

Lastly this week is the new HBO show Sharp Objects with Amy Adams. After a psychological breakdown, reporter Camille Preaker (Adams) is sent to her own hometown to cover the murders of two girls. Long estranged from her mother and half-sister, Camille must not only cover the mysterious and grisly murders but directly face her own past and confront her own demons. Now she must unravel the mystery of the murders if she wants to get the story and get out of town before her own sanity is tested.

Sharp Objects is another is a long line of great drama from HBO. The drama plays out in a series of flashbacks that are brilliantly edited throughout the current story as we learn about Camille’s past. The murder mystery alone makes for compelling television but the infusion of Adam’s characters’ struggles takes it to the next level, especially with some significant twists and turns that really intertwine the storylines and keep audiences gripping their armrests as the story unfolds. And the supporting cast is out of this world featuring the likes of Patricia Clarkson, Matt Craven, Henry Czerny, the phenomenal Lulu Wilson, Elizabeth Perkins, and many more familiar faces.

Also of note this week is the new Sam Rockwell comedy Blue Iguana, and new special editions of Billy Crystal’s Memories of Me and Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 2.

Until next week movie lovers.

DVD and Blu-ray Releases for Tuesday November 27, 2018

Basic Instinct 2 (MVD Rewind Collection Theatrical + Unrated Extended Cut) *

Blue Iguana


Call Me Claus

Death Rides a Horse

Last American Horror Show

Memories of Me - MVD Rewind Collection*

MST3K: Volume VIII


Ouija Death Trap

Reindeer Family & Me


Sharp Objects

The Boy Downstairs: Special Edition*

The Captain

The Critters Collection*

The Family I Had: Special Edition

The Little Stranger

The Magnificent Ambersons* - Criterion Collection

The Swinging Barmaids*

True Stories* - Criterion Collection

What Keeps You Alive

WWE: Greatest Royal Rumble 2018

Zombie: Limited Edition

*Catalog Blu-ray debut