We jump right into this week with a new Marvel Universe entry, Spider-Man: Far from Home. Peter Parker (Tom Holland) decides he needs a break from being the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and goes on a school trip to Europe with friends Ned (Jacob Batalon), MJ (Zendaya) and the rest of his class. However Peter’s plans to take it easy are quickly sidelined by a series of attacks by seemingly elemental creatures across Europe. When Peter meets a mysterious new hero dubbed Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) he finds a new mentor in him, but there may be more to the attacks than anyone could anticipate, endangering everyone including Peter.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has quickly become a fan favorite among Marvel fans and with Spider-Man: Far from Home the ante is upped with some spectacular action sequences, some intriguing twists and a nice lead in to life in the Marvel Universe after Avengers: Endgame. Holland is a relatable and charismatic hero and is more than capable to taking up the slack left by the departures of Iron Man and Captain America. Spider-Man: Far from Home is an action epic and will leave you wanting more.

Next up this week is the new film by director Luc Besson (Leon, The Fifth Element), Anna. Newcomer Sasha Luss plays Anna Poliatova, woman who escapes domestic abuse by reluctantly accepting an offer from the KGB to train to be a state assassin. While undercover as a fashion model in Paris, Anna is turned by the CIA to work for them as a double agent. Now Anna must find a way to escape the clutches of the KGB and the CIA to get out of it all and claim her life as her own.

Anna is not an overly original story, it has been covered in films like Red Sparrow and Besson’s own La Femme Nikita, but it is still an exciting and fast paced action movie anchored by an excellent performance by Luss. And you can’t go wrong with a killer supporting cast including Luke Evans, Cillian Murphy and Helen Mirren in a fantastic performance as KGB handler Olga. Anna’s action sequences are well executed and lots of fun and there are still some fun twists in the story that make Anna worth checking out.

Lastly this week is the Blu-ray debut of one of my favorite 80s action films ever, Wanted Dead or Alive. Rutger Hauer plays bounty hunter Nick Randall, a descendant of the classic character played by Steve McQueen in the TV series of the same name. Randall is asked by his former employer at the CIA to help them track down a deadly terrorist who has arrived on US soil, Malak Al Rahim (Gene Simmons). But in his efforts to find the elusive killer, Randall must face betrayals from all sides and play by his own rules if he is to save lives and stop the maniacal terrorist.

Wanted Dead or Alive is a brilliantly fun action flick full of great performances by the always great Hauer, KISS’ Gene Simmons, and Robert Guillaume. The story is tense and exciting, the action fast and inventive, and the ending is one of the most classic of the era. After recently losing Rutger Hauer, this is one of his best to revisit and appreciate the Dutch actor and his undeniable on screen charisma. Pair it up with the also underrated Blind Fury for an amazing Rutger double feature.

Also of note this week is the acclaimed HBO limited series Chernobyl starring Jared Harris and  Stellan Skarsgård, the Blu-ray debut of both Barry Sonnenfeld Addams Family movies, and the newest film adaptation of the cult video game series Doom: Annihilation.

Until next week movie lovers!

DVD and Blu-ray Releases for Tuesday October 1, 2019


Addams Family Double Feature*

Addams Family Values*


Ant-Man 4K

Avatar & Legend Of Korra Complete Series Collection

Brother Can You Spare a Dime?*

Charmed (2018): Season One


Death Dreams (1991)

Doctor Strange 4K

Doom Patrol: The Complete First Season

Doom: Annihilation


Escaping the Dead


Ffolkes (1989)*

Framing John DeLorean

Frozen 4K

Gremlins 4K

Guardians of the Galaxy 4K

Gunsmoke: The Fifteenth Season, Volume One

Gunsmoke: The Fifteenth Season, Volume Two

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: The Complete Original Series

Itsy Bitsy

Jarhead: Law of Return

Kung Fu Monster

Lonely Hearts*

Lost City of the Jungle*

Maiden (2018)*

Pan's Labyrinth 4K

Peanuts 70th Anniversary Holiday Collection Limited Edition

Sesame Street: 50 Years and Counting

She-Ra: Princess of Power The Complete Original Series

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Storm of the Century (1999)*

Tell Me a Story: Season One

The Addams Family*

The Death and Return of Superman

The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil

The House of Hitchcock Collection

The Pilgrim's Progress

The Prey*

The Proposal

The Shining 4K

Trilogy of Terror II (1996)*


Wanted: Dead or Alive (1987)*

When Calls the Heart: 5-Movie Collection

When Calls the Heart: A Call from the Past

Zombieland (2009) 4K

*Catalog Blu-ray debut