Happy Halloween! As fate would have it though, not a lot of horror releases this week. But still some great stuff to keep you busy on those cold October nights. We kick it off with James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) has assembled a new team of despicable meta-human convicts to invade a South American island nation to stop an evil scientist from launching a top-secret project called Project Starfish that could bring humankind to the edge of extinction. But can Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Bloodsport (Idris Elba), Peacemaker (John Cena) and the rest of the team stop them before killing each other?

When it was announced James Gunn was taking over the new entry in the Suicide Squad/Harley Quinn films, I was very excited. Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies are unique and full of heart and humor, and I was hoping he could bring that same quality to DC. And thankfully he has while still somehow managing to make one of the strangest, most absurd, and bizarre films I have ever seen. Gunn thwarts all expectations you may have going into the film and never holds back the fact that these anti-heroes are in fact villains. The stuff they do in this film is just next level. But at the same time, they are likable and go through actual character arcs that are very interesting while keeping the story fast paced, exciting, fun, and full of carnage. And for you 4K heads out there, make sure you pick this one up on that format because it is one bombastic ride that is stunning to look at with a near flawless picture and a really immersive audio track that will test the limits of your system. The Suicide Squad is highly recommended.

Next up this week is pretty much the complete opposite of The Suicide Squad but just as engaging, Stillwater. Matt Damon stars as Bill Baker, an oil rig worker from Oklahoma having trouble finding work and balancing visiting his estranged daughter Allison (Abigail Breslin) in France who is serving time for the murder of her girlfriend. Deciding to stay in France and take matters into his own hands, Bill starts looking into his daughter’s case to get it re-opened and find a way to exonerate her. But can Bill tackle the language barrier, cultural differences, and legal red tape to free his daughter and repair the bond between them?

Stillwater is co-written and directed by Tom McCarthy, known mainly for small independent features and 2015’s Spotlight, and he brings that independent sensibility to this large-scale story. Damon is really fantastic here, giving one of his best recent performances and giving real authenticity to the blue-collar Bill Baker. And the film really unfolds as a kind of mystery, while also being a fascinating character study of the father/daughter dynamics between Bill and Allison. Stillwater is a beautifully put together drama with a compelling story and stellar acting well worth checking out. Highly recommended.

Also of note his week is Don’t Breathe 2 starring Stephen Lang, and it is actually just as good as the first film. Also check out Walker: Season One, a reboot of the classic Chuck Norris series this time starring Jared Padalecki of Supernatural fame.

Until next week movie lovers, stay safe!                                                            

DVD and Blu-ray Releases for Tuesday October 26, 2021

A Letter to Momo

All or Nothing (2002)

An Angel for Satan (1966)*

Beyond Darkness (1990)*

Black Magic (1949)*

Blood for Dracula (1974) 4K

Boardinghouse (1982)*

Children of the Damned (1964)*

Death of Nintendo (2020)

Devi (1960)* - Criterion Collection

Dinner at Eight (1933)*

Don't Breathe 2 (2021)

Eye of the Devil (1966)*

For Love or Money (1993)*

Franco Noir Double Feature (Rififí in the City (1963) & Death Whistles the Blues (1964))*

Frankenstein's Daughter (1958) [The Film Detective Special Edition]*

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) 4K

Gomorrah: Season One (2014)*

Hot Saturday (1932)*

Killer Party (1986)*

Knife + Heart (2018)

Mary Stevens, M.D. (1933)*

Megan is Missing (2011)

Nothing But Trouble (1991)*

On the Rocks (2020)

Retribution (1987)*

Shatter Dead (1994)*

Shit and Champagne (2020)

Sophie Jones

Star Trek: The Original Series: The Complete Series 55th Anniversary Limited Edition

Steel Dawn (1987) - Collector's Series*

Stillwater (2021)

Summer of 84 (2018) 4K

The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius: The Complete Series

The Amazing Mr. X (1948) [The Film Detective Special Edition]*

The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series (1977-1982)*

The Last Matinee (2020)

The Last Sunset (1961)*

The Suicide Squad (2021)

Underworld 5-Film Collection 4K

Walker: Season One

Warning (2021)

*New to Blu-ray