After a few months of minor updates on the highly anticipated Breaking Bad movie, you might have thought it wasn't happening anymore, or it was an elaborate (and poorly timed) April Fools'. However, filming was completed some time ago, and now we know when (and where) we can watch it first. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will debut on Netflix in just a few weeks time, that's right I said weeks.

Written and directed by Vince Gilligan, the as-yet-untitled movie brings Aaron Paul back as Jesse Pinkman to answer the question every fan had after the finale, where did Jesse go? You have to love the fact that one of the biggest and most acclaimed TV shows of the last decade quietly went back to Albuquerque and shot a feature-length special, and nobody knows a thing about it!  If you were disappointed that spin-off series Better Call Saul was taking a year off, the good news is you're going to get your Breaking Bad fix very soon as El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie will be available on Netflix on October 11 ahead of its broadcast on AMC. That's right, in less than two months time we'll finally discover what became of Jesse after he drove away from the aftermath at Jack's compound. 

Much like every fan of Breaking Bad, I'm equally excited and anxious over an epilogue to that near-perfect series finale back in 2013. That said, Better Call Saul has done an excellent job fleshing out Jimmy's past while drip-feeding us present-day snippets of what life has become for the lawyer formerly known as Saul Goodman. The fifth season is expected to be the last, and Bob Odenkirk recently teased it's going to be a "roller-coaster".

"They've been building it slowly, but it's turning. Now it’s turning rapidly, I would say. That’s similar to Breaking Bad, too. This very slow buildup as we go up the roller-coaster ramp and then, it starts going downhill, it just cannot stop. And that's where we are in season five, which we’re shooting right now.

Season five is just everything's on fire, and it’s just burning down around us."

Better Call Saul Season 5 will arrive on AMC/Netflix early 2020.