Hot on the heels of Fan Expo comes word from the land of the Lucas.

We had all heard murmurings of a slated Star Wars television series that had been in the works and now we have official word, official name and an official trailer for the upcoming series: Star Wars Detours.

The series will be an animated comedy show set in the Star Wars Universe and will have a comedic style similar to Robot Chicken, or rather the Robot Chicken Star Wars specials. This is in large part because it is the same team behind Robot Chicken that is making this series. The voice acting cast reflects this with a plethora of talents that have been on Robot Chicken throughout its running history. Of interesting note is the inclusion of Jennifer Hale (the voice of Female Shepherd from Mass Effect) who is said to be playing a badass and recurring Imperial officer.

While I reserve a heavy level of skepticism for anything Lucas Arts does in visual media I actually think this project could be rather enjoyable. The team behind it has proven they both know and can make the Star Wars Universe hilarious. Watch a week by week Robot Chicken Star Wars Special? Oh Hell YES! Definitely checking this out.