There hasn't been a wealth of information on Netflix's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance since its announcement last May. The ambitious prequel series to Jim Henson's cult classic has been shrouded in secrecy, but producer and chairman of The Jim Henson Company, Brian Henson, has offered an update in a recent interview with Bleeding Cool.

“It’s been shooting since last November, it’s so cool that Netflix could get behind it in such a big way so that we can do it RIGHT. I say we, but I’ve been doing Happytime Murders, so it’s really my sister’s [Lisa Henson] and Halle Stanford‘s project. They’ve really put together a great, great time in London.

And I’ll be honest, I thought those days were gone. I thought by the 80’s, the idea of being able to walk into a stage and see an incredible fantasy world realized was just long gone because of CG and everything like that. But they’ve REALLY done it right. It’s GREAT. The workmanship is just stunning, the artistic quality is RIGHT THERE again, what I thought maybe was lost, it’s still there. They’ll be shooting for another few weeks, and then there will be a huge amount of post-production.”

It was confirmed last year that the series would serve as a prequel to the original film, but it remained unclear when Age of Resistance is set. Brian Henson also clarified that the series wouldn't directly link up to the events of the film as it's set "significantly earlier".

“OK, well, we’ve said it’s a prequel, and it’s not an immediate prequel, so it doesn’t end when the movie started. It takes place significantly earlier than when the movie took place.”

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance will arrive on Netflix sometime next year.