The closing seconds of the final trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse showed a glimpse of a familiar face, well to be specific it was a familiar set of adamantium claws belonging to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Previously, director Bryan Singer had denied rumours that Jackman would make an appearance, but that was just smoke and mirrors as Wolverine is officially in the mix. 

The extent of Wolverine’s role in Apocalypse remains unclear, and Singer’s recent comments to Empire only offers more intrigue. 

“Make of that what you want. I will say, it’s not simple. There’s something more pivotal that occurs with that. It hints to a sequence that again fits within the canon of all six movies, and the birth of a new direction. It’s not insignificant, nor is it simply just a throw-in… It’s not the only shot you’re gonna see, let’s put it that way.”

The short scene in questions shows a bunch of dead bodies in a facility that looks very similar to where Logan underwent the Weapon X procedure as seen in X-2 and Origins. Could that “pivotal” thing that occurs be a new interpretation of Wolverine’s beginnings? Singer’s comments about the scene having “hints to a sequence that fits within the canon of all six movies” certainly suggest that’s a strong possibility. Thanks to the time travel autocorrect shenanigans of Days of Future Past, the history of the established mythology is now in flux, and anything is possible. 

Production on the third and final Wolverine solo movie is due to start later this summer; James Mangold resumes directing duties for an adaptation of the Old Man Logan storyline. Co-starring Patrick Stewart, the as yet untitled sequel will be released on March 3, 2017. 

X-Men: Apocalypse is out on May 18.