Many of us remember this game as a very bizarre game in the sense that it was nothing like the other Mario games that Nintendo had released. The colour scheme for super Mario 2 is red instead of blue, and instead of stepping on the badies to kill them, you have to pick up either a vegetable or the badie and hit them with it. The only thing that was really the same were the characters and pressing A to jump. This was a hit or miss for most Nintendo gamers not only at the time of its release, but even now.

If you manage to defeat the game-which is pretty much the same difficulty wise as the other games- you’ll see Mario waking up from a dream. This is Nintendo’s way of explaining away the difference between this game and the others. One of the first things you learn about story telling is using a dream is one of the biggest cop-outs, but it is something that you see often.

Was it necessary for Nintendo to add that last scene and make it a dream sequence? Does it really explain away the strangeness of this game? If you think about it, the game isn’t any weirder than the other Mario games are. The very basic concepts are pretty much exactly the same; you have to defeat a bunch of random animals that walk back and forth, then defeat mini bosses, and then beat a final boss.

Though playing this game had a very different feel, seeing that last scene did not make me think: “That explains it!” With or without that scene, many of us will still look at the game as strange, whether we enjoyed it or not.