"You Know Her Name" Carrie 2013 has a tagline and oh good god it sounds as redundant as the idea of remaking the classic which has no need for a remake because it's so damn good.

However, Carrie returns to cinemas in Spring 2013 with a new director and a whole new cast. Behind the camera we have Kimberley Peirce and as Carrie we have Hit Girl herself Chloe Grace Moretz with Julianne Moore playing the infamous mother to the troubled young girl.

Telling the disturbing tale of a young outcast whose family life is less than perfect, the bullying she undergoes is fierce and unforgiving but as her Prom night is thrown into disarray Carrie takes matters into her own hands in a memorable supernatural twist that will hopefully leave a whole new generation squirming in their seats.

For me, this news is another excuse to bring out the Betty Buckley videos of Carrie the Musical. Betty played Miss Desjardin in the original movie but later went on to play the god fearing Margaret White in the musical which lasted only six performances on Broadway before it was closed.

Carrie's mother fails to convince Carrie that going to the prom will be a dire mistake but Carrie disobeys and Margaret is left alone to contemplate what might happen to Carrie on this special night. Has she lost Carrie forever?