The wildly wonderful Year of the Rabbit starring Matt Berry won't be returning for a second season despite Channel 4 previously renewing the period comedy for more episodes. In a relatively brief and to the point statement, Channel 4 cited the ongoing pandemic as the culprit for cancellation.

"We're hugely proud of this hilarious and fearless comedy series, but as result of the impact of COVID on our schedules we have made the difficult decision not to enter into a second series with a heavy heart." 

Berry starred as Detective Inspector Eli Rabbit, a seasoned copper who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, he might have a dicky heart, but he's one of London's finest law enforcement officers. When I say finest, I, of course, mean he has a propensity for violence and enjoys his work a bit too much. Aided by a new partner (Freddie Fox), and London's first female police officer Mable (Susie Wokoma), the trio set about foiling the nefarious schemes of a secret organisation. Add to that the most bizarre (yet brilliant) portrayal of The Elephant Man and Year of the Rabbit struck comedy gold. Berry even managed to lure his What We Do In The Shadows creators Jermaine Clement & Taika Waititi in for a cameo.

There is a slither of hope as production company Objective Media Group is attempting to find the series a new home. 

“Year Of The Rabbit is a victim of the devastating effects of Covid. IFC are very committed to the show, but we will need to find another partner — and we’re working on that.”

Matt Berry will return to our screens later this year in the third season of What We Do In The Shadows, and if Chris Chibnall has any sense, he will hand Wokoma the keys to the TARDIS as soon as possible. You can stream the first season of Year of the Rabbit on ALL4.