According to the Radio Times, Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror has been picked up by Netflix to produce new episodes of the hit series. The infrequent dark anthology launched in 2011 on Channel 4 to critical acclaim, essentially a modern version of The Twilight Zone, Brooker’s Black Mirror offers cautionary tales for a jaded generation.

Netflix has played an instrumental part of the US success of Black Mirror, American fans weren’t given the chance to watch the show (legally) as neither the first or second series were broadcast. However, once the series arrived on US Netflix it quickly attracted a huge following and last year’s festive special was broadcast on TV. 

White Christmas starred Jon Hamm, and Brooker’s wry sense of humour was exposed to a much larger audience. Earlier this year it was announced the a US version was in the work, and Brooker would be involved in its development. Ordinarily I’m cautious of US versions of UK shows, but with Brooker working on it then it can be viewed as more of a spin-off.

The deal between Netflix and Brooker’s production company (House of Tomorrow) is for ‘multiple episodes’, but an exact number has yet to be disclosed. The previous two collections of technology infused stories have consisted of just three episodes. As no official details have been released, kindly permit me some mild speculation and fanboy dreams. While a longer third series is what any self-respecting fan is hoping for, I’m holding out for occasional feature-length specials just to be awkward. I would love nothing more than for Netflix to announce a 13 episode run, but it’s quality not quantity that counts with Black Mirror.

Ultimately, more Black Mirror is on the way, and that can only be a good thing.