Cobra Kai has found a new home for its recently completed third season with Netflix snapping up the series. Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprise their roles and rivalry as their Karate Kid characters Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. The first two seasons debuted on YouTube which ranked as their most successful original. However, YouTube is reducing the amount of original content it produces, and they were only too happy for the producers to shop the series around.

Serving as a sequel to the Karate Kid trilogy, the series picks up 30 years after the first movie with LaRusso turning his victory as a teenager into a successful life as an adult. He's a local celebrity, runs a car dealership, and has a seemingly perfect family. Lawrence, on the other hand, life has dealt him a sweep to the leg with limited job options and a son who wants nothing to do with him. In a bid to turn his life around, Lawrence reopens his old Cobra Kai dojo, and in doing so his 30-year rivalry with LaRusso. Unlike many belated sequels or reboots, Cobra Kai honours the memory of the original movies while creating something new. 

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that Cobra Kai comes to us from the folks that wrote Harold & Kumar. Speaking to Slash Film producers Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg had this to say about the Netflix pick-up;

“Making Cobra Kai has been a dream come true for us since day one. We are thankful for the tireless dedication of Jeff Frost, Chris Parnell, Jason Clodfelter, Karen Tatevosian, and all our partners at Sony for finding us a new home where we can not only continue the series, but also explore opportunities to further expand The Karate Kid universe. We are beyond excited to join our new partners at Netflix and look forward to the show reaching the massive global audience who loves this franchise as much as we do.”

Hurwitz added;

“It was really important for us that season three be at whatever the new platform would be because we feel so great about season three. We just finished shooting it and we want it to have the biggest possible audience. So within the past bunch of months, it wasn’t a question of ‘Oh, my God, is it going to land somewhere?’ We felt pretty confident it would land somewhere. We just wanted it to be at the best place, which is Netflix.”

The first two seasons of Cobra Kai will be available on Netflix ahead of the season 3 launch later this year.