In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Television’s Zack Van Amburg has revealed that a movie version of Community is in the early stages of discussions. Last week a zero hour deal was struck with Yahoo for a sixth season of Dan Harmon’s cult comedy, with no mention of the new episodes being the end this has lead to speculation over a possible seventh season. 

“I don't know, let's see how our movie does! Isn't that our plan? There's no way we're not making the movie now! I think once we make the movie, let's look up and decide how much more Community the world wants. We promised six seasons and a movie, how much more do you want?! [Laughs.] … I'd be lying if I told you that we have not had some very early and preliminary conversations that are very exciting about what a potential movie could be and who might direct it. It's early but it's completely in our thought process.”

The movie gives Yahoo a number of exciting options when it comes to release, a limited theatrical run and VOD gave Veronica Mars a solid return so there’s no reason why Community couldn’t go down the same path. The new season will debut later this year on Yahoo with a weekly release, this will undoubtably disappoint my fellow binge TV watchers so we’ll have to save the marathon viewing session until after the season finale. 

Zack Van Amburg was optimistic that the whole cast will be reunited for the new episodes, but there was no mention of a potential return for Donald Glover as Troy Barnes.

“Today we're sending notices to everybody only because we have a separate deal both with Joel McHale and Jim Rash; we've been having lots of conversations with them and Joel has been fantastic. The hope is that the whole cast is coming back.”

Community season six will be coming to Yahoo later this year, we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest developments.