Fans of Community hoping to extend the mantra of six seasons and a movie have been left in the dark over the future of the series. Actor Joel McHale fuelled the fire of closure recently by saying the cast salaries would prohibit another season being made. McHale was quick to state that a movie is still a possibility, but no official plans from Yahoo! or Dan Harmon have been set. 

Speaking to Digital Spy, Harmon has revealed that a seventh season of the sitcom is unlikely to happen anytime soon. On the upside, he does offer the silver lining that a movie version of the series is a more feasible proposition. 

"If we define a seventh season as one that would be coming out in a timely fashion, then I think we're well past that point. Even if we started putting a deal together now, it would be more like a reunion special by the time the seventh came out.

I think the series ended at the end of season six in a definitive enough way - and hopefully we'll be able to get the actors back together sooner rather than later and do some very ambitious movie project that can blow people away. But we'll see.”

The season six finale did serve as a fitting end to the series despite leaving the story open to revisit. During its five years on NBC, Community was perpetually under threat of cancellation and each season finale was partially a series finale as Harmon didn’t know if the show was coming back. Harmon’s comments still offer a slither of hope that Community might return to our screens in an episodic form, but for now all us fans can do is speculate.