One of the hottest and most unexpected film loves of 2015 has finally made its way to DVD, Blu-ray and DigitalHD in the UK. To celebrate Paramount Home Media Distribution and Universal Pictures UK have supplied us with a look at the special features available for this hilarious release.

We never thought Mark Wahlberg could be considered sexy ever again but there's something about Dusty that just... well you'll see. He's the man about house, the alpha male and he's not about to let some other guy raise his kids and take his woman.

Will Dusty remain the dead beat dad or can Brad (Will Ferrell) teach him a thing or two about being a father.

It's a hilarious game of one upmanship that ultimately resolves itself through a stunning finale and a surprise visit. 

Check it out, this may not seem like your cup of tea but Daddy's Home is a comedy with a lot of heart and Wahlberg arms! THOSE ARMS!