Ender's Game Exclusive Interview with Gavin Hood

So, before we get into my little exposé on Fan Expo, let's talk about an opportunity we had this weekend to interview Gavin Hood, the director of Ender's Game, the upcoming film based on the novel by Orson Scott Card. Our very own Das Hat/Moh got to sit down and chat with him about the movie, the book, and the actors, and even got to ask him for some personal insight into the life of Gavin Hood. See what he had to say right here:

Fan Expo

So I won't say too much here, because you'll probably see photo albums and stuff all over the place, but I want to just make two comments and give a few shoutouts to a few people. 

The first thing I want to comment on is the fact that it was really big this year. The venue for the expo was the entire convention centre, unlike last year where a majority of the event took place in the south building. The second thing I'd like to comment on is that despite the extra room, the convention was just as crowded as usual.

There are a few things that were really noteworthy this year, and this is just a list of a few of them. EB Games outdoes itself every year, and this year was no different. They started with a bang by selling NES consoles for $10, and while this was a limited run, it was definitely something. Canada Post also had a booth there where they were showing off their 75th Anniversary of Superman stamps. There were a lot of really cool vendors, artists, and indie game studioes present to show off their stuff, from BlindFerret (the company behind LeastICouldDo and other webcomics), to KrazyKrow (creator of Spinnerette), from Toronto artist Alex Bayliss to Marvel illustrator Steve McNiven, the scores of guests were impressive. Even friends of the site Blake Northcott (author extraordinaire) and Maya of Sakura River interactive (a visual novel/video game studio) had their chance to show their stuff on the floor. Of course, while nothing tops meeting celebrities like George Takei and Ron Perlman, seeing lesser known artistic talents and creators is amazing in and of itself. 

You can check out some of the photos we've got and read about Moh's adventures over on his article here.

Fading Hearts - First Impressions

So one of the things that came out of Fan Expo was the purchase (on my part) of an indie game called Fading Hearts. The game was created by Sakura River Interactive, which I've mentioned earlier, an indie game developer which creates video games as visual novels that work to tell a story in different ways. The game plays very uniquely in that it can be approached from the perspective of multiple genres. The story is magical girl with elements of dating sim and RPG, and the plot is very multi-branched, meaning that the number of endings you can have is really large, as it changes with every decision you make. 

In terms of what I thought approaching it for the first time, I really enjoyed it, and I definitely see the replay value. With a $15 price tag, it's definitely worth its value and more.

You can check it out on the Sakura River website.