Man of Steel 2 Casting Rumours

So I want to start off by talking about some of the casting rumours for Man of Steel 2. We already know that Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, but we're also hearing now that Bryan Cranston (Walt Whitman from Breaking Bad) may be cast as Lex Luthor, which would be amazing because he does an excellent job as Walt, and could foreseeably make Luthor memorable. 

Other rumours have surfaced regarding the possibility of a Justice League movie, and floating around is the possibilty Matt Damon playing Aquaman or Martian Manhunter. Of course, all of this is just rumours, and nothing has been confirmed yet, so don't get your hopes up too high.

Star Wars Episode VII Rumours Confirmed

So this is a shorter bit of news, but basically, the rumours that Episode VII is coming out around Christmas 2015 have been confirmed. We also now know that shooting begins January 21st, 2014, and this means we can begin to expect more news about the movie around that time.

Joss Whedon On Killing Marvel Heroes

This one is actually just a link out, but to summarize, if we were to take a look at the cinematic universe, we'd notice the same thread running through that as in the comic universes, that no characters ever really die forever. However, we're hearing that Joss Whedon is willing to carry out a summary execution of character if it makes sense, which means he's thinking about consistency and quality content when it comes to making the films for the fans. If it makes sense to kill them and keep them dead, he will do so, and this is great because it means that while we will probably see a lot of resurrection scenes in the movies to come, it also means that there is a chance for closure in some cases. 

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