Stan Lee Singing

To start this week off, we have a video from the Geekie Awards of Stan Lee singing after receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award for just generally being awesome. 

The video comes courtesy of Meg Turney, and is a lot of fun to watch. Congratulations, of course, go to Stan for earning this accolade.

GTA V Achievement List has been...unlocked?

So the internet has been buzzing today with talk of the achievement list for both GTA V and GTA Online for the X Box. Some of it is spoilerish, so I won't actually post the list here, but if you want to check it out, you can find it by clicking here

Guess That Trailer

Our final story of the day comes to us from J.J. Abrams who is, admittedly, as good at keeping secrets as he is at rebooting some of our favourite franchises (said this writer with fingers crossed). We have a teaser trailer for a movie that Abrams is working on with Bad Robot Productions, and all we know is that the video has the title Stranger. This tells us nothing, except that it can't possibly be Star Wars Episode VII. Anyways, check it out, and let us know what you think it could be.