Based on Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons seminal work, Damon Lindelof's 'remix' Watchmen TV series was a rare thing, a near-perfect one and done season. Packing one heck of a story into just nine episodes, Watchmen served as sort of sequel to Zack Snyder's movie, a fresh take on the source material, and gave Regina King the role of a lifetime. While it was set up as a one-season limited series, the success of the show led to talk of a second run. However, Damon Lindelof sounds like he's sticking to his guns (mostly) and a second season remains unlikely. 

“I never wanna close the door completely because if two, three years from now I say, I just had another idea, it will be that much harder to open. But I would say it’s barely ajar. I think that there are no current plans to make any more Watchmen. If the idea comes, I would be enthusiastic about it; the idea may not come from me. I would be super excited about it coming from someone else. So my position hasn’t changed."

Owing to his work on Lost, Prometheus, and The Leftovers, I've always had mixed feelings about Lindelof's creations. However, full credit where it's due, Watchmen is about as close to perfect as a piece of television can be in every way. That can't be said about many TV shows. Lost could have been one of the greats if it had been four seasons long, and knew its endgame from the start. I know I'm not alone in hoping that Lindelof sticks to his decision to leave Watchmen as a one-off, but only time will tell if we've seen the last of this iteration of the show. On the upside, it has left me curious and genuinely excited about what Lindelof makes next.

Watchmen is available to stream on Sky and Now TV.