The next installment in the Kingsman franchise won't be the trilogy closer with Taron Egerton and Colin Firth that we first thought. Instead, Matthew Vaughn is taking us back to the formation of the super-secret spy organisation with the currently titled The Great Game.

Harris Dickinson (Trust) was recently announced as playing the lead role of Conrad, a charismatic young man who is planning on enlisting in the Army to serve his country in the first World War. However, Conrad will serve his country differently by becoming one of the first Kingsman agents. Presumably, he'll be inducted into the organization by Ralph Fiennes' as yet unnamed character.

Hot off the heels of the casting of Dickinson and Fiennes, a quartet of new additions have been announced.  Daniel Bruhl (Captain America Civil War), Charles Dance (Game of Thrones), Rhys Ifans (The Amazing Spider-Man), and Matthew Goode (A Discovery of Witches) will all suit-up to star in the highly anticipated prequel.

Following rumors that he wouldn't appear in the third film, Taron Egerton clarified that he was referring to "the next Kingsman film" he was talking about The Great Game. Kingsman 3 is still very much on the cards and speaking on theEmpire Podcast, Egerton revealed he was hoping that the third movie will be shown a bit more love than The Golden Circle.

“I would like the third one to be better received than the second one was. I felt we got a bit of an unfair kicking if I'm totally honest. I think in some respects it was [difficult] because I just gave everything to it, and then it was so quickly torn down, that I think I did feel a bit of a sting. I think in some respects it probably wasn't quite as well put-together a film as the first one, but it certainly wasn't a bad film. And when we got this real kicking- I think what I would like to happen is for us to do a third one and for it to feel like a worthy third installment to what has been a great part of my life.”

Although it generated a similar sized global box office as The Secret Service, The Golden Circle wasn't as well received by critics. Still, $410 million at the box office, a forthcoming sequel, a US set spin-off Statesman, a TV series, and the prequel goes to show that audiences are far from tired of the franchise.

The Great Game starts production in January for a November 9, 2019 release.