The 20th Century Fox era of X-Men is going out on a potentially expensive misfire with the opening weekend for Dark Pheonix proving very disappointing. The long-delayed sequel has had a problematic time getting to the big screen with reshoots, and multiple release date changes. Even if you had no idea about all the behind the scenes troubles, the movie itself is challenging to love.

Ranking as the lowest opening weekend for the entire 19-year old franchise, Dark Pheonix grossed $33 million domestically and was beaten to the top spot by The Secret Life of Pets 2. To put the numbers in perspective, the previous sequel (Apocalypse) managed $65 million (considered a disappointment), and Days of Future Past notched up $90 million back in 2014. The mixed reviews, the wealth of production problems, and the Disney merger (meaning a reboot is inevitable); it has all added to Dark Pheonix arriving in cinemas with little fanfare.

Internationally, Dark Pheonix fared better than the US with an estimated $107 million for the weekend. Had this been a staggered release with the movie rolling out internationally over many weeks, that $107 million might be impressive. However, Dark Pheonix launched everywhere aside from Japan, so that all important international box office is unlikely to prevent the X-Men from going out on a flop. Costing upwards of $200 million to produce (before those equally expensive marketing fees), Dark Pheonix needs to cross $500 million worldwide to breakeven.

The new owners of the X-Men likely knew Dark Pheonix wasn't going to be a huge hit, and as Disney will eventually fold the characters into the MCU, I doubt many studio executives are that concerned over the lack of success. While we will have to wait and see what the final numbers will be, Deadline is already reporting that Dark Pheonix will lose at least $100 million.