Ahead of his highly-anticipated new film for Netflix (Mank), David Fincher has revealed that he has signed an exclusive four-year deal with the streaming service. In an interview with French publication Premiere, Fincher jested about his new creative home.

“I have an exclusive deal with them for another four years. Depending on how ‘Mank’ is received, I will either go see them with a low profile to ask them [whether] I can redeem myself, or show up like an arrogant prick and demand to make more black & white movies.”

Fincher has been in business with Netflix for a long time; he was amongst the first wave of high-profile creatives producing the award-winning hit series House of Cards. Fincher is also one of the fiendish minds behind Netflix's outstanding series Mindhunter, but if you hoped that the new deal would mean we might get a third season, then I have some bad news. Well, more specifically, David Fincher has some bad news for you. Speaking about the future of the show, he spoke frankly about not wanting to be tied up for two years making another season. 

“Listen, I don’t see myself gone for two years for a third season; I’d rather dedicate one year to a more modest project, have the luxury of spending six months in pre-production to create two hours of content rather than 10.”

That's a fair point he makes, making a show to the high standard set by the first two seasons is no small feat, and it has been six years since Fincher's last movie (Gone Girl). That said, I'm a massive fan of Mindhunter and (like millions of other fans) I'm gutted we're not getting any more. Meanwhile, Fincher's latest film Mank is shaping up to be an award-favourite with early reviews being universally positive and charting the struggle for screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman) to get Orson Welles (Tom Burke) to give him credit for co-writing Citizen Kane. Mank is a very personal project for Fincher as his late father, Jack Fincher wrote the screenplay.

Mank arrives on Netflix on December 4.