Barely a week after debuting the first episode on streaming service DC Universe, Swamp Thing has been officially canceled. Based on the DC Comic created by Len Wein & Bernie Wrightson, the series was developed under James Wan's Atomic Monster production company from writers Mark Verheiden (Time Cop) & Gary Dauberman (It, Annabelle Comes Home).

Back in April, production on the series was shut down to creative differences between the producers and WarnerMedia which led to the original 13 episode order being cut to 10. Co-star Virginia Madsen shared her frustration over the show being shut down, but shortly after her comments, the first trailer for the series was released. At the time, it was unclear what the episode reduction meant for the future, but it was widely speculated that Swamp Thing was finished. I think it's fair to say that the chances of a second season were always slim, but axing the series after one episode is a bit of a low blow. Would it have made any difference to Warner Bros if they waited until the end of the series to announce it was cancelled? Not one bit.

The episode cut might have forced the creative team to rework episode ten as a season finale, but Swamp Thing wasn't designed as a one-off limited series which means a proper ending isn't likely to happen. Swamp Thing has yet to find an outlet for international distribution (along with Doom Patrol), it could land on Netflix which is the home for Titans outside of America.

Warner Bros threw its hat into the competitive streaming world with the superhero-themed DC Universe. Since its launch last October it hasn't made a massive impact, originals such as Titans, and Doom Patrol have been well received with the former already renewed for another season. Warner Bros will debut their own streaming service later this year, and it has been speculated that DC Universe could be incorporated into the main platform. We'll be sure to keep you posted on when Swamp Thing lands a UK release date.