A couple of weeks ago 20th Century Fox was batting around numbers in the $50-60 million ballpark for the opening weekend of Deadpool. That figure might sound a little low for any superhero movie, but with its R-Rating, the project is something of a gamble for Fox. Thanks to strong word of mouth and an insatiable demand from the fans, Deadpool has exceeded expectations and is set for an estimated $135 million opening weekend. As February 15th is President’s Day, this should equate to a four-day total in the region of $150 million plus.

Deadpool has also spanked 50 Shades of Grey’s opening weekend last year and now holds the record for the biggest R-Rated launch. The accolades keep on coming as for first instalments in a superhero franchise; Deadpool’s strong start is second only to The Avengers. Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds are already developing a sequel that is sure to be put on the fast track given the wealth of positivity. 

After an absence of almost than 15 years, Ben Stiller’s return as male model Derek Zoolander hasn’t been embraced as warmly as the original. Zoolander 2 is currently on track for a four-day launch of $17 million which is just a fraction higher than the first movie debuted to in 2001. Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson’s How To Be Single proved to be the rom-com of choice this Valentine’s Day in third place with an estimated four-day total somewhere in the $20 million bracket. The success of Deadpool is great news for Fox as their Fantastic Four reboot was widely regarded as the worst film of 2015.

Deadpool is out now in cinemas.