So , I wrote an article a while back about the NEW live action Deathnote film. Well, now there is some exciting news and a trailer to go along with all the hype. The film ,which is being produced by Warner Brothers Japan will be released on the 26th October 2016. The title of the feature has been set in stone and while Death Note Light up the NEW world may sound really long winded there is some exciting stuff expected from the film. This will be the 3rd live action film with Deathnote as an inspiration. The film will have six Deathnotes and there are a whole new bunch of characters which will get us excited for what it coming. There has been a trailer released and I thought I would include it down below so you can see it for yourself.

The trailer seems to show a CGI Ryuk which will add some great scares I am sure. The new Deathnote film will also have new characters. There is the introduction of a woman named Sakura Aoi seems to suggest that she will do more than Kira ( the original owner of the Death Note)  would have ever done. Fans of the show will be happy to see that there is a great 'darkness' to the film . At the end of the day the Ryuk ends the clip with the harrowing words " After all , humans are so interesting ". 

Are there any Death Note fans out there who are as excited for all of this as I am , or am I just fan girling alone in a corner here? With more and more live action movies this is an exciting time to see some of our favourite films and animes take on a new life. After seeing the Jungle Book and what they did with the animals I think we can expect bigger and better things.