The fifth movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been delayed until summer 2016 to give writer Jeff Nathanson more time to complete the script.

Following the news that Ant-Man’s release date had been brought forward by three months, Disney has bid bon voyage to the summer 2015 release date for Jack Sparrows next adventure. President of production Sean Bailey believes that the delay is necessary to give fans the film they deserve;

Like audiences around the globe, we have high expectations for Jack Sparrow’s next adventure and we want to have all the right elements in place. We’re not there yet and we want to make sure this project is everything these wonderful characters and of course the fans deserve.

In many ways this isn’t a total surprise, the box office failure of The Lone Ranger has made Disney second think rushing their second most profitable franchise. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer spoke to The Hollywood Reporter regarding the delay and said; ”We have an outline everyone loves but the script is not done. How do you budget an outline?”. He added that the fallout of The Lone Ranger has had a direct effect on the next Pirates film;

“Everybody’s more cautious, with any movie, you’re never confident. But it’s a billion-dollar franchise.” 

According to The Hollywood Reporter “A source says the studio thought the original Nathanson script was too expensive but it was also really complicated and hard to follow."  This has been an ongoing issues with the franchise with its convoluted story-lines and array of characters, whilst audiences haven’t tired of the formula the previous entry didn’t do much to buck that trend.

Disney already have a number of big movies due out over the summer months in 2015, JJ Abrams take on Star Wars, Joss Whedon’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and Finding Dory (Finding Nemo 2) rounding the year off with its November release date. There’s also the outside chance that the Alice in Wonderland sequel will be ready by then, but as that’s still in the very early stages of development lets call that a great big maybe for now.  

Last month Disney revealed the title of the fifth movie in the billion dollar franchise as Dead Men Tell No Tales, lets hope they can find a tale to tell and no further delays are on the horizon.